MySun: MySun Webmail and Login Guide 2023


You will learn how to successfully login to the MySun Webmail and the MySun portal, and much other stuff that is concerned with the MySun Portal


Mysun is a portal put in place by the registrar of Stellenbosch University. The aim of this portal by the registrar of Stellenbosch university is to give its students or provide its students online access to the school’s website. also, read Efundi Login: NWU Efundi Online Application & Status Check

On the MySun portal, students can perform a whole lot of activities and these include; creating a student ID account, and staff of the school can also make use of this portal to create a Staff ID account and as well as send messages, among many other things that can be done on this website by the students and staffs of the university.

In summary, the MySun portal is an internet platform created by the registrar of Stellenbosch university where its students can log in to perform different academic activities.


About Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is one of leading South Africa’s tertiary institutions. It is greatly known for its research output.

This institution is one of the largest in South Africa with about 29,000 students, 3,000 permanent staff members, and 1,000 academics, on five different campuses.

The university has about ten faculties, and majorly about 8 are located on the main campus of the university. These ten faculty include; Agricultural Science, Economics and Management Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering, Military Sciences, Art and Social Sciences, Science, Education, Law, and Theory.

The main campus is located in the town of Stellenbosch in Western Cape Winelands. As I stated above, eight faculties out of the ten faculties are located on the main campus and the other faculties such as Medicine and Health Sciences and Military are located on different campuses. The Medicine and Health Sciences is located at the Tygerberg campus, and the Military Faculty which is the only faculty in the country and the second of its kind in Africa is located in Saldanha.

Other programs are done at the university such as; Stellenbosch Business School (USB), and other Postgraduate studies are located on the Belleville Park campus.

Stellenbosch University started up with just 503 students and 40 academic staff in 1918.


Mysun Portal

The MySun portal has about 4 menus or sections:

1. Undergraduate Section

2. Postgraduate Section

3. Staff Section

4. Researcher Section

These sections listed above have sub-sections for students to perform different academic activities.

Below are some of the features of the MySun Portal, and this entails all you can do with the MySun portal.

1. You can change your Stellenbosch University password on the MySun Portal.

2. On the portal you can access your MySun Webmail.

3. You can use the portal to view your student, study, or school records.

4. You can use the portal to see financial information

5. And finally use the MySun portal to log in or access your Sunlearn account. The Sunlearn is. Learning management system (LMS) of Stellenbosch University.


How to Reset your MySun Portal Password

If you have any means to get your MySun password, the only thing to do is to do a password reset. This feature allows you to change your password.

Below are the necessary steps to follow in other to change your portal password;

To change your password, you must ensure that your password combination meets up with the following requirements:

1. For any reason you wish to change your password for, ensure that your new password is not the same as any of your previously changed passwords. It has it on its website that your last ten Passwords can be registered as a new password.

2. Your password must be at least 8 characters and should not be more than 47 characters.

3. Your password must not contain your username by any means.

4. Your password must not contain your email name.

5. Your password must a combination of alphabet, numeric, and Characters.

To change your password you must have provided your cellphone number or email address to the portal during your registration.

To change your MySun password visit and follow up the guide

How to Access MySun Webmail

To access your MySun Webmail, please follow the steps below;

1. Firstly, visit the MySun Webmail official login portal at

2. On the portal webpage, select your choice of login method.

3. After the selection above, the site loads and displays a login page.

4. Enter your login details, that is, your student/staff number and password.

5. After entering the login details, you can proceed with login by clicking on the login button.



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