TPAD2: TSC TPAD 2 Account Login, Creation & Guides 2023


This article covers all core aspects of, TPAD, and TPAD2 Portal – which enables you to perform these tasks; Create your TPAD 2 Account and Login, Schedule an Appraisal Rating Meeting online by the appraiser, Request and undertake Lesson Observation, Capture learner progress records, Carrying out appraiser appraisals, Fill your TPAD2 form online, Fill weekly lesson attendance data for all teachers online, File lesson attendance data for teachers online, Access TPAD2 system reports, Create a lesson observation request online, and many more.

The aforementioned core aspects of the TSC TPAD and TPAD2 Portal above will be explained in detail, so stay tuned with us as we enlighten you through each step.


What is TSC?

TSC stands for ‘Teacher Service Commission,’ formed within the education sector to manage human resources. It is an independent commission based in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. With offices in all 47 counties.

The core aim and mission of the Teacher Service Commission are to be a transformative teaching service for quality education and professionalize the teaching service for quality education and development, respectively.


What is TPAD2?

TPAD2 stands for ‘Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development System 2’. According to the code of regulations for teachers, it is an appraisal system put in place by the Teacher Service Commission. This empowers the commission to develop an accessible performance appraisal system for teachers in its employment.

This system aims to improve and strengthen the teaching standards at the institutional level, supervision, and monitoring of teachers.


Guides to Various System Procedures.

The Teacher Service Commission TSC TPAD2 System allows you to perform several tasks by the Teacher Service Commission. Before one can access the Portal, one must have a valid and registered account with the TPAD2 Portal. Below, we have outlined several tasks you can do within the TSC TPAD2 Portal, but firstly, we will put you through how to register and log in/access your TPAD2 System Portal account.


How to Create Account and Login – TPAD2.

The Teacher Service Commission, TSC TPAD2 System Portal is open for all teachers, but one must create an account to have access to the Portal, and then full access is granted.

Below are detailed guides on registering and login in/accessing your TSC TPAD2 System Portal. Follow the detailed step-by-step guide below to create and log in to the new TPAD2 Portal successfully.


To register for TPAD2, you must have the following details handy:

  • TSC Number
  • ID Number
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Valid Email Address

With the details mentioned above, follow the steps below to register for a TSC TPAD2 account.

To create an account, you are required to access the TSC TPAD2 Portal at its official website address at


Afterward, click on the ‘login,’ just as shown in the image below.



After the above step, a new window will come up with spaces where you can input your login details (TSC Number, ID Number, and Password). If you already have an account, you can supply the aforementioned details and log in. If not, it is your first time on the site, and then you have to click on the ‘create account,’ just as is shown in the image below.



After the above step, the next step opens up a new window. Here, you must fill in the needed details for creating your account, such as; TSC Number, ID Number, Valid Phone Number, Valid Email Address, and Password, then click on the ‘create account,’ as indicated in the image below. Then proceed to account verification, and after successful, an account will be created.


After successful account creation and verification, a login page will pop up. Here, you must input the login details (TSC Number, ID Number, and Password), then click on the ‘login’ tab to access the Portal.



Account Login Guide.

Having successfully created the TSC TPAD2 System account, you are required to log into the Portal to access its functions.

Below is a simplified guideline on how to log in/access the TSC TPAD2 account login portal. After successful account creation and verification, to subsequently log in to the Portal, you have to access the login portal at

After the above step, a login window pops up. Here, you are required to supply the login details. Afterward, click on the ‘login’ tab to access the Portal. Just as indicated in the image below.



Live on the Teachers Portal.

Having successfully logged in. The teachers’ dashboard contains the following credentials:

  • Teachers’ TSC number,
  • Name,
  • Current institution name,
  • Institutions’ IPPD code (registration code),
  • Institution level (either primary or secondary) and the users
  • Current designation.

After account creation, teachers are mandated to update their profiles. The teacher is advised to follow the following guideline to have this done.

  • Firstly, locate your name on the top right corner of your dashboard and click on it.
  • Select ‘My Profile’ to proceed.
  • Afterward, a window will come up with three tabs and features the following; Personal Information, Teaching Subjects/Subjects Combination, and My Password.
  • In the aforementioned, supply the required details accordingly in other to have your data updated. After providing the components needed, make sure you hit the ‘Save Change’ tab to have your profile updated and the change taken effect in the system.


How to Change your Password

Here, we will enlighten you on how to change your TSC TPAD2 password if needed.

One can decide to change their password for one reason or another. If, for any reason, you wish to change your password, here is a simplified guideline on how to do it without no much struggle.

Firstly, log in to your TPAD2 account; you can reset/change your existing password to a new and preferred password by typing it into the provided space.

Now, in the spaces provided, input the following details:

  • Old Password
  • New Password
  • Confirm Password

Next, hit on the “update password” to save your new password in the system.



Here, we will put you through how to recover your password if you forgot. You don’t have to work yourself up because you forgot your login password to your TPAD account.

We will walk you through a few simple steps to recover/reset your forgotten TPAD 2 password. Follow the below simple steps:

  • On the TSC TPAD website;
  • Locate and click on the ‘Online services’ tab
  • After that above, a new window opens; choose “Teacher Appraisal;
  • And then click on the “Login” tab.
  • Here, select ‘self-service portal.’
  • After the above, click on the “Forgot Password” button;
  • Here, the system will require you to supply details in the ‘password recovery’ window.
  • The required details above are your TSC Number and ID Number. And ensure you entered the valid information because if the wrong details are being entered, the processes thus far will be messed up.
  • After the above, click on the ‘Recover Password’ tab.
  • Afterward, a text message will be sent to the account’s registered phone number, containing a unique code to proceed with the recovery.
  • Now, click on the TSC TPAD2 login tab, and enter the unique code received. You can change your preferred password by accessing the ‘My Profile’ account.


Scheduling an Appraisal Rating Meeting online by the appraiser

Here, we will be enlightening you more on the uses and functions of the TSC TPAD2 Portal. We would advise you to read thoroughly in-between the lines for a clear understanding.

One of the TPAD 2 portals uses for scheduling appraisal rating meetings by the appraiser.

The Teacher Service Commission, the TSC Teacher, is mandated to subsequently set up appraisal rating meetings with the appraiser. And, of course, it is to be held online on the TSC TPAD2 Portal. Before the appraisal rating meeting, you are mandated to evaluate and rate yourself, and afterward, your appraiser is also required to assess and rate you.

After the above process, the completion of the self-evaluation, and that of your appraiser, the Portal will indicate a completed appraisal, displayed as ‘Appraisal Completion 100%’.

Before the meeting, the appraiser should communicate with the appraisee when, where, and the content of the meeting before the appraisal rating meeting. And the meeting must follow the institutional calendar.

The appraisal rating meeting must be between the appraiser and appraisee, and for no reason should there be an external body or third party.


And the purpose of the meeting between the appraiser and appraisee is to review their joint rating and come to an agreed rating.



Steps To Book and Conduct an Appraisal Rating Meeting on the Portal.

  • Firstly, log into your account, and from there, click on ‘Appraiser Appraisals’ on your dashboard. Afterward, it will display a new window with the “pending appraisals” and “schedule meeting” tab.
  • By clicking on the ‘Schedule Meeting’ tab, an appraiser can set up a meeting. After this action has been taken, the ‘Schedule Appraisal Rating Meeting’ landing page will open.
  • The ‘schedule appraisal rating meeting’ and ‘scheduled appraisals’ have the list of Appraisees that are to be scheduled for the Appraisal meeting, and the list of Appraisees booked for the rating meeting, respectively.
  • The appraised teacher should click on the ‘schedule meeting’ tab in the section. And the appraiser will see a pop-up page that carries the Appraisal date and time.
  • Afterward, select a date for the meeting on the aforementioned pop-up window.
  • And also, from the pop-up window, select from the drop-down the time for the meeting, and afterward, click on save.
  • Next, after clicking on the save tab, the meeting will be scheduled successfully, and you will see a window notifying that.
  • Click on ‘Ok’,
  • The appraisee will receive a message about the meeting once the steps above have been completed.
  • After successfully setting the time and date for the meeting, it moves to the ‘scheduled appraisals.’
  • On the “scheduled appraisals” section, the appraiser will see the number of teachers scheduled for appraisal rating meetings.
  • To start a meeting, the appraiser has to hit on the ‘start meeting’ on the appraised teach, and all will proceed into the meeting properly.



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