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The name of the portal used by students at Tshwane University is known as TUT ITS. It is the portal that enables students to have access to different important information about schedules, and exam results to help in their residential registration, help in registration of online courses, change personal information, payment of online fees, and student support. also read; UKZN Student Central Login and UKZN Email Helpful Guide


About Tshwane University of Technology

In South Africa, Tshwane University is one of the largest contacted universities, if not the largest self. It has seven faculties that offer programs in different areas such as the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of arts, and Faculty of science.

As a present student of Tshwane University, this portal(TUT ITS)  is where you will see quick links for online registration, where you can get access to your student email, myTUTor, and the online library.

Tshwane University usually conducts its academic registration online. These are various steps you can follow in order to register online if your application proved successful.


 Student Portal Login Guide

To have access to TUT ITS these are the steps you should follow:

1. Go to the TuT website via https://www.tut.ac.za/

2. Go down the page

3. Find Staff iEnabler

4. Input your Student Number and enter your Pin

5. Click the login button to enter your TUT login portal


Online Course Registration Guide

These are the 12 easy steps to follow when registering for your semester courses with the TUT ITS Self-help iEnabler student portal

1. Click on this link https://ienabler.tut.ac.za/login

2. Click on Online Registration

3. Input your Student Number and Pin it to their respective space

4. Click on Registration

5. Before you click accept, tap and read the Rules and Regulations first

Note: Please note if you don’t do this, it will result in you getting an error message when u try registering for your courses. You will continue getting error messages until you go back and click “I accept”.

6. Click on Submit Registration

7. Confirm your details and choose your modules

Note: Year modules- First Semester and Second semester

8. Click on Save and Continue

9. After that click on Continue

10. Make sure you go through the summary of the courses you have selected. Then click “Accept Registration”.

11. Find “Proof of Registration” usually in PDF form, when you see it you den click on the document

12. You have to send one to your Department and it’s also important you have one for yourself, so u click download, download the file, and print two copies.


Uses Of The Portal

Tshwane University of Technology Students portal provides students with Twenty Four hours of daily demand access to university’s available academic, residential, and financial information to students, in line with exam timetable information, exam information, exam results, registration information, admission status, financial information, and last but not the least financial status.

ITS gives students access to their University data, you can access this data through various mobile platforms such as Tablets, Smartphones, and other cellphone devices.


Student Number Recovery Guide

Pick any of the listed identification types and input the relevant information know and identity you on the system, reset or change your Student Number to something you can remember easily.

1. Click on the site

2. Input your details on the required spaces “Voters ID Number, Passport Number or Email Address.

3. Click on search to find your details

4. A message will be sent to your Email, check it for your Student Number


Examination Check Guide

If you want to check your TUT Semester Exam results, you can follow these steps:

  •  Go to the TUT website and log in on to this link- https//www.tut.ac.za/
  •  Go down the page, look for where it is written “Tools”
  •  You will see different options choose exam results
  •  Login to this site https://www.tut.ac.za/exams/exam-results
  •  Input your Student Number and your TUT ITS Pin, in the space provided
  •  Click on Process
  •  Wait for your results slip to show on your screen


Tshwane University of Technology MyTuTor

The online “eLearning portal” for the students of Tshwane University of Technology Students, is called TUT myTuTor

How to gain to myTuTor and change myTuTor password:

  1.  Input your Student Number in the space for the username
  2.  The password you will put there is the same password you used in your TUT4life email
  3. To create or reset a new password you will see “Click here” click on that icon below
  4. Type in your valid Student Number and also your valid Identity Number(ID)
  5.  To create a new password, choose and retype the new password you want to use, making sure you follow the online screen Password rules
  6.  Go back to my tutor home page, log in, and follow the procedures listed in 1 and 2 of the steps
  7. Advisable browsers to use when accessing myTuTor are Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. These are trustworthy browsers.

Note: it takes at least 24 to 48 hours for profiles and subjects to be synced and shown on myTuTor after you have registered.

But if after 24 hours you still cannot enter or see all your registered subjects, then feel free to contact the myTuTor service desk with this number 012 382 4427 or you can contact them at their email “myTuTor@tut.ac.za.”


How to Check your 2022 Application Status

Go to the TuT check status page to check your application status, in order to check your status these are the process you will follow:

  1.  Go to this link https://ienabler.tut.ac.za
  2.  Input your Identification Number to see your current Application status and Student Number
  3.  You can use this if you don’t have an Identification Number(ID)
  4. Enter your Surname, Full name, and Date of Birth
  5.  Click on Submit


Contact Details

If you are facing any problem with logging in to the TUT ITS or any related problem of that sort, make do to tell us in the comment section provided below.

If you are having a problem with the links or you still have many questions to ask, here are the contact details of TUT ITS

Telephone or mobile number: 086 110 2421

TUT ITS Email: General@tut.ac.za

If you want to send a message this is their SMS number: 30655

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